In The Time of Our Lives, you'll run across acquaintances you vaguely remember from your High School yearbook. The start screen will show you your first two acquaintances, and a new one will be added after each level. The right interactions will create friendships and help you climb the social ladder. Wave, fist-bump, and hug your way to the top.

However, interacting with strangers or breaking social norms could cause a crushing blow to your social life. How high can you rise before it dies completely?


Arrow Keys — Move

Z — Wave — Wave at acquaintances when you have eye contact to become friends.

X — Fist-bump — Fist-bump friends when you have eye contact and are an appropriate distance away to become BFFs.

C — Hug — Hug BFFs when you have eye contact and are an appropriate distance away.


Click here for my Ludum Dare (Compo) entry page.

This is my first time participating in Ludum Dare! I learned a lot, but there are definitely some things that I did not give myself enough time for. Most obviously: music and sound effects. It would have been a lot of fun to add some voice to the awkward encounters. I also should have focused on having a MVP earlier in the process so I could have realized (and fixed) the problems with the scoring system. It could certainly be balanced or even completely re-thought to a strike system or something similar.

Either way, I hope you enjoy what I came up with that weekend!

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